Our commitment to quality

We only work with professionals familiar with our sellers products to document and verify.
Our team is here to help you every step of the way.

"I make sure that buyers have a clear picture by providing photos that best represent the products. All products are samples directly taken from the lots on our sellers store, shared with me by the seller."

Photographer at MauiHidalgoPHOTO


Collection of Sample Cases

Cases are provided to us or taken at warehouse.


Qualitative Verification

High Resolution photos (where available) are captured with the verification date and Pollen Verified Stamp added.


Professional Captures

Products are professionally captured where available. Otherwise Pollen verifies images are taken direct from Warehouse staff of each Seller.

Front of Package

Pollen checks you get the right SKU description and label.

Back of Package

Clear labeling details , including original or stickered labels to verify the languages and product specific details on pack.

Expiration Dates

High resolution photos of the actual on pack expiry dates. We make sure to discard any expired SKUs.

Package Condition Check

Pollen checks the exterior condition for any damage with the sellers warehouse team. Barcodes and SKU numbers on the outside of Cases, Cartons or Outers made visible.

Overall Condition

Everything should pass quality check, verification and authentication.

Product Staging

Pollen helps verify the picking with the warehouse team of each Seller.
Each Case or Package must pass QA, and any changes are provided in real time prior to collection

1 Picking

2 Final QA

Day of Collection Verification

Pollen helps with the loading verification.


Pre loading of Containers


Container Loading


Sealed Containers

Pollen Verified means 100% buyer protection

If you end up getting a product that isn't deemed authentic or in a different condition then advertised,
Pollen will give you a 100% refund for those products within 3-5 business days of your claim.


Our staff is trained about each product and works with the warehouse team of our sellers. We hire professional photographers where available, or work with the seller's warehouse team directly who are employees of the seller to take the required images.
Pollen does 3 independent verification. The first occurs before the products are listed in the seller's store. The second check occurs after offers are approved, and a final one occurs at the time of collection. When Pollen does the initial verification, we place a timestamp so you can see when the original was taken and compare it to the date of purchase.
Each seller sets their own policies. Where available, buyers are allowed to do their own inspection or through the appointed shipping or logistics provider. Where personal inspection isn't available, Pollen will coordinate with the seller or the shipping provider to assist in day of collection inspection photos.
Pollen hires where available professional photographers that our team coordinates with to either visit the warehouse or facility where the products are stored by the seller, or to have samples shipped to our photographer's studio. Where photographers are not available, Pollen authentic the employees working at the Sellers Warehouse who take the requested photos.
Sellers ultimately determine all requests, but Pollen will facilitate and try to accommodate where possible.